The Charge.

I have for a while now desired understanding while I wondered what Christians should be concerned about now, or employed in. I think I see it now, and would share. There is a charge that the Lord has always given his people, his chosen ones whom he loves, yes, take note of this fact - … Continue reading The Charge.

What does Music Do To You?

The right music will prolong your life, spirit, soul and body.


Music To The Soul

There is a feeling I get whenever I hear the sound of music. It’s like I’m in a different atmosphere whereas physically I’m still in the same place I was.
And when I’m plugged to an earpiece or an headphone, it’s like all other sound cease to exist and I’m lost in a world where only the sound of music being played at the moment exist.

Music is like a therapy. I can’t count the number of times I was down & depressed but whenever I hear the sound of music it has a way of calming down my nerves, however temporary, it’s a feeling that you just need to feel at the moment.
Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.
Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the…

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You see, we know the road is narrow, we know the road is difficult, but that doesn’t discourage us, because we also know, that He, The Lord our God is with us, even to the end of time – Mat 28:20


Have you ever been on a walk before?.How do I mean?

But before I proceed let my first wish my distinguished readers a happy new month right here on Crownofglory.

Now,when someone says “let’s go for a walk”, the person actually means that you should accompany him/her to a place by act of walking. It is left for you to refuse or agree to follow that person right?.And peradventure you refused,that person would list out some advantages you could get on ‘the walk’ and I am certain you would reconsider right?.Most individuals even go as far as asking for the location of where they are heading to causing you to have an idea of where you are going.But on ‘the walk’ with God, it’s never so.How do I mean?


SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE: 1st Corinthians ch 9:24-27.

Just as a blind man trusts his companion who leads him,so it is…

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